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Advancing your canine companion: 4-5 MONTHS

Welcome to our Intermediate Puppy Training Program, designed for puppies aged 4-5 months old. In this program, we'll continue to build on the foundation established in the Puppy Pre-School, addressing specific issues and teaching more advanced exercises to ensure your puppy becomes a well-behaved and obedient companion. Here's what we cover:


**Common Issues Covered:**

1. **Housebreaking:** We'll fine-tune your puppy's housebreaking skills and reinforce good bathroom habits.


2. **Separation Anxiety:** Continue working on separation anxiety to ensure your puppy feels comfortable when you're not around.


3. **Excessive Barking:** Address any remaining barking issues and refine your puppy's understanding of when it's appropriate to bark.


4. **Biting:** Refine bite inhibition and continue teaching appropriate play behavior.


5. **Destructive Chewing:** We'll further redirect your puppy's chewing habits and encourage the use of chew toys.


6. **Jumping Up:** Continue discouraging jumping up and reinforce polite greetings.


7. **Hole Digging:** Provide more advanced techniques to curb the digging habit and promote alternative outlets for energy and curiosity.


8. **Fecal Matter Consumption:** Work on eliminating this undesirable habit for the sake of hygiene and health.


9. **And More:** We're here to address any additional behavior issues specific to your puppy's development.


**Advanced Exercises Taught:**

1. **Sit-Stay:** Your puppy will learn to sit and stay in place until given a release command, promoting impulse control and obedience.


2. **Down-Stay:** Extend the "down" command to include "stay," teaching your puppy to lie down and remain in that position until released.


3. **Come:** We'll continue to strengthen your puppy's recall command for enhanced safety and responsiveness.


4. **Heel:** Introduce loose leash walking and teach your puppy to walk politely by your side, a valuable skill for walks and outings.


In the Intermediate Puppy Training Program, we'll continue to use positive reinforcement methods to make learning enjoyable for your puppy. Our experienced trainers will guide you through these advanced exercises and address any specific challenges you may be facing with your puppy. By the end of the program, your puppy will be well on their way to becoming a well-mannered, obedient, and happy companion. Join us in this exciting journey to further enhance your puppy's training and behavior!


643 McCowan Rd

Scarborough, ON M1J 1K3





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