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~Odour detection   ~tracking     ~Article recovery 

Odor Detection

Odor detection is an exciting journey

that you and your furry friend can

embark on together. In this

recreational program, we will explore

the fundamentals of odor detection

and uncover real-world applications

including narcotic, explosive, arson

detection, and more. Rest assured,

we use SDDA-approved

odors, ensuring a safe and engaging

experience for you and your dog.


Welcome to the exciting world of

tracking training for dogs! In this

guide, you'll discover the incredible

abilities of a dog's olfactory system,

also known as their nose, and learn

how to harness this power to teach

your furry companion to follow a track

left behind by a human. Tracking

training is not only a fun and

stimulating activity for dogs, but it

also taps into their natural instincts

and abilities. Let's dive into the

fascinating journey of tracking with

your four-legged friend.

Article Recovery

We all know the feeling of frantically

searching for our misplaced keys,

wallet, or cell phone. But what if there

way to turn to your furry friend

was a

for help? In this article, we'll explore

how you can train your dog to find

lost articles, making them your very

own recovery expert. This not only

adds a fun and practical skill to your

dog's repertoire but can also save you

countless hours of frustration. Let's

dive into the world of article recovery

training for dogs.


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