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 Introductory Off-Leash Training Fundamentals

In this introductory program, you will lay the foundation for off-leash obedience training with a focus on precision and control. Level 1 is all about establishing solid fundamentals before introducing distractions. Here are the key exercises taught:


1. **Heel Free:** The "heel free" command teaches your dog to walk by your side without a leash. This exercise emphasizes close proximity and maintaining a consistent pace. It's a fundamental off-leash walking skill.


2. **Come Fore:** "Come fore" is a recall exercise that teaches your dog to come to you quickly and directly when called. This is crucial for safety and control when off-leash.


3. **Finish Exercise:** The "finish exercise" instructs your dog to move into a designated position, usually sitting at your side. This skill is useful for precise positioning and control during off-leash activities.


4. **Down on Recall:** This exercise reinforces the "down" command, where your dog is expected to lie down promptly when called. This is particularly important for ensuring your dog's safety and control in various situations.


5. **Stand for Examination:** Teaching your dog to stand still when approached for examination is essential for vet visits or situations where someone needs to handle your dog.


6. **Down at a Distance:** Building on the "down" command, this exercise requires your dog to lie down from a distance when given the command, demonstrating control even when you're not right next to them.


**Training Approach:**

- Level 1 is focused on precision and clear communication with your dog.

- All exercises are taught without distractions to establish a strong foundation.

- Use positive reinforcement techniques such as treats and praise to reward and motivate your dog.

- Consistency and patience are key. Ensure your dog thoroughly understands each command before moving on.


Remember that off-leash training is a gradual process that requires trust and a strong bond between you and your dog. Successful completion of Level 1 sets the stage for more advanced off-leash training with distractions in subsequent levels. Consider working with a professional dog trainer if you're new to off-leash training to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your training sessions.


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