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Welcome to our Puppy Drop-Off/Pickup Program! 

 Welcome to our Puppy Drop-Off/Pickup Program! 


Are you looking for a safe and fun way to train your puppy or improve their obedience skills? Look no further! Our program is designed with both your furry friend and you in mind.


Program Details


1. Video-Taped Classes (Not Given to Clients): Our professional trainers will conduct classes and record them for quality control. This ensures that your puppy gets the best training experience.


2. Arrive 5 Minutes Prior to Class Completion: We encourage you to arrive a bit early to catch up on what your puppy has learned during the class. This recap session allows you to be in the loop with your pup's progress.


3. 1-Hour Session: Each session is packed with exciting activities and training exercises to keep your pup engaged and learning.


4. 1/2 Hour Training, 1/2 Walk or Tricks/Games: We believe in a well-rounded approach to training. Half of the session is dedicated to teaching essential commands and tricks, while the other half includes a stimulating walk or engaging games to provide both mental and physical exercise.


6. Puppy, Trick, and Basic Obedience Training Only: We specialize in training puppies and focusing on fundamental obedience skills and fun tricks.




- Your dog is trained by a professional, ensuring the best care and guidance during their training journey.


- Our clean and controlled environment provides a safe and nurturing space for your pup to learn and grow.


- Establishing obedience is key, and our program makes it easier for you as an owner to maintain discipline and communication with your dog.


- You gain the freedom to run errands or take care of other responsibilities while knowing your pup is in good hands.


Join our  Drop-Off/Pickup Program today and watch your dog transform into a well-behaved and happy companion. We're committed to bringing out the best in your furry friend, one paw at a time! 


643 McCowan Rd

Scarborough, ON M1J 1K3





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