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 Toronto's top-tier dog training school. With over 25 years of experience in training dogs, we offer the best obedience classes in the city.



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Experience and Longevity: With an impressive 29 years in the industry, Gemini K9 Obedience Inc. stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of dog training. Our journey began with in-home pet dog training, but it didn't stop there. We ventured into movies, and still pictures, and even served law enforcement, establishing our reputation as a trusted name in the field.


 Diverse Engagement: Gemini K9 has proudly showcased our expertise at a variety of prestigious events, from The Sportsman Show and Pet Expo to the Cayuga Raceway and local pet shops. We even extended our reach beyond borders, traveling to South America, specifically Guyana, to work alongside police and prison departments, demonstrating our commitment to canine excellence on a global scale.


 Educational Hub: Not content with just training dogs, we've operated a school for aspiring dog trainers. We believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise with individuals looking to forge a career in dog training. Our commitment to education sets us apart.


 Comprehensive Training: Gemini K9 Obedience Inc. offers a wide range of disciplines to cater to all your canine needs. Whether you have a new puppy or a seasoned companion, we provide training in puppy basics, advanced obedience, competitive obedience, tracking, odor detection, article retrieval, trick training, personal protection, and even sport protection.


 Specialization in Aggression: We understand that not all dogs have the same temperament. Gemini K9 specializes in tackling dog aggression towards people, animals, and other dogs. We don't make excuses; we provide effective solutions.


At Gemini K9 Obedience Inc., our legacy is built on experience, passion, and a relentless dedication to the well-being and training of your furry family members. Choose us for a holistic training experience that transcends boundaries and offers the expertise you can trust. Your dog deserves the best, and we're here to provide it! 


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643 McCowan Rd.

Toronto, ON M1J 1K3





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Three Shelties
I am so happy to have found Gemini K9! I have worked with two of their staff and had amazing results. Huge thank you to Kayla and Mark who have worked with my dog. They both operated with kindness and love for the animal, worked with my young daughter to teach her how to handle the dog, and have worked to make my relationship with my dog substantially better. Thank you team and looking forward to more! (Shepherd Malinois - 17 months)

Michael “Mike” G

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643 McCowan Rd, Scarborough, ON M1J 1K3, Canada


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