Proper Behavior Around Dogs

Dog owners know that obedience training is an important part of a young dog’s life. Most pet lovers fail to realize that the human is the one who is receiving most of the training. Dogs respond well when the owner is confident in the situation and guides the dog’s behavior. The canine has certain natural character traits that must be accommodated throughout the training effort to achieve the best results.

Dog owners will help other people to approach the dog in the right way.


• Request permission to approach the dog and pet him.
• Allow the dog to make the first move in the socialization with the person.
• The human should attempt to approach the dog from the side to avoid the feeling of domination.
• The back of one hand should be offered for the dog to sniff. His response should be evaluated prior to proceeding. Watch his body language.
• Stroke the dog’s chest and shoulders while keeping the face away from the dog’s face. Avoid petting the top of the head, face or neck.
• A dog that is tied up should be avoided, especially if the owner is not present.
• A dog’s personal space must be respected at all times.


• Never rush up to a dog directly from the front. The dog will sense a dominant challenge, which can cause the dog to react.
• Never stare directly into the dog’s eyes for extended periods of time or when approaching.
• Never get your face close to the dog’s face for any reason.
• Never wrap your arms around the dog’s neck or body. The dog will consider this an aggressive move.
• Never approach a dog that is eating or sound asleep.
• Never attempt to take away a bone or toy from a dog that is not familiar.
• Never make loud noises that will frighten the dog.
• Never tease the dog because this can cause the dog to bite.
• Never leave a child unattended with a dog, including the family dog.
• Never approach a female dog with pups.

First-time dog owners know that dog obedience training is the perfect opportunity to ask questions about some of these situations. Overly cautious dog owners know that a dog’s behavior can go awry in an instant. Older dogs are patient and understanding with people, especially children. Careful handling of each situation ensures that the dog feels safe and will act appropriately.

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