Pets and Owners Enjoy Extra Travel Perks at a Cost

travelling with petsThere was a time when traveling with animals was a necessity for people across the world; after all, horses, mules and other animals used to be the sole means of travel and transportation in many communities just to get by. As technology took over and turned animals from transportation elements to pets, hotels, motels and lodges have been slow to adopt pet-friendly policies. Today, however, dogs, cats, and even iguanas are enjoying the high life as many overnight accommodations are creating welcoming changes for pet owners.

Pets Order Room Service

These days, many respected hotels, including those in Los Angeles, New York and Mexico City are not only allowing dogs into their accommodations, but they are inviting them. Some high-end hotels now provide room service for dogs, complete with gourmet, made-to-order dishes, while others charge an extra fee for plush doggy beds. Additionally, many hotels in exotic locales are even offering doggy day spas in order to keep visiting pooches relaxed, calm and happy.

Times Have Changed

One of the biggest reasons for the latest change in acceptance of pets in hotels is the fact that many people now consider their furry friends to be part of the family. Although dogs and their owners are the main beneficiaries of this trend, other pets, including cats, fish, and even tarantulas, receive the royal treatment for a price.

Is It Worth It?

As a pet owner, only you can decide whether the extra cost is worth it. While some hotels and motels offer extended pet perks for free, many others are choosing to charge hundreds of dollars in order to accommodate visitors’ needs. For example, you can find yourself shelling out $200 a night extra for a room at the Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte, NC, if you choose to bring along your pet. Additionally, some hotels intentionally raise their regular prices in order to accommodate travelers who bring along pets while the same room would cost less without a furry friend tagging along. When you add in the additional costs of doggy daycare, grooming services, food, outdoor cleaning personnel and animal activities, pet travel can add up pretty quick.

The Bottom Line?

If you plan to take a trip with your pup, make sure you do your research. Many facilities will offer quality care and accommodations without the added cost, but you have to know where to look. If you’re seeking a hotel that advertises itself as one that specifically caters to dogs or other pets, be prepared to pay more. These places advertise such services as a way to draw in more business and make more money by charging extra, but in the end, it’s a novelty. Instead, try to look for hotels and motels that allow pets at no extra cost. While your puppy may not receive a hero’s welcome when stepping out of the car or plane, he or she will likely be pleased just to be by your side as you both explore and experience new places together.

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