Dog Psychology 101: Important Information to Remember While Training Your Dog

dog psychology

Effectively training your dog to be a happy, healthy and well behaved member of your family is about more than just learning tricks or commands. Training begins with understanding the basic psychology of your pet.

Understanding the basics of dog psychology can help you and your canine companion engage in more effective communication, and help make the training process easier on you both.
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Pets and Owners Enjoy Extra Travel Perks at a Cost

travelling with petsThere was a time when traveling with animals was a necessity for people across the world; after all, horses, mules and other animals used to be the sole means of travel and transportation in many communities just to get by. As technology took over and turned animals from transportation elements to pets, hotels, motels and lodges have been slow to adopt pet-friendly policies. Today, however, dogs, cats, and even iguanas are enjoying the high life as many overnight accommodations are creating welcoming changes for pet owners.
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Adaptability and Aggression in the Wolf

white wolf

While most people have very little experience with wolves in general, researchers have found that these creatures are not only incredibly adaptable, but also misunderstood. As one of the closest relatives to the modern dog, wolves are found in a variety of environments, and there have been a number of reports of wolf pups actually playing with children and acclimating to human society over time. With that said, wolves that are raised by humans from young ages tend to be more docile as they grow, while wolf pups that are brought into human contact at later stages of development often become more aggressive as time goes by.
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Pets by the Numbers

six Labrador dogs in a rowIn Canada, there’s no doubt that people love their pets. From cats to dogs and lizards to fish, pets bring joy, companionship and fun to the lives of millions of Canadians, and many people consider their pets to be members of the family. If you’re a pet owner, or if you’re considering purchasing or adopting a pet, below are some surprising and interesting facts regarding pet ownership numbers in Canada:
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Dog Ownership Considerations – Part 2

getting a dog

After Deciding to Get a Dog

Once you’ve figured out whether or not a dog will be right for you, and after you’ve determined the type of dog you would like to bring home, it’s time to find your new canine pal. Although this process may seem as simple as heading down to the local pet store, finding the right dog can actually be a difficult, involved process.
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Dog Ownership Considerations – Part 1

Humans have been keeping dogs as domesticated pets for thousands of years, and today, people of all ages still enjoy the company and companionship dogs offer. Dogs are known to be loyal, protective and loving of their masters, and many people consider dogs members of the family. If you’re thinking about getting a new canine friend for yourself or your family, here are some things to keep in mind when deciding what type of dog is right for your unique needs:

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Canine Temperament Governs Training Methods

Dogs have different temperaments just like their human family members. At first glance, a large dog might appear to have a dominant character because of his physical size and strength. Interaction with the owner might reveal that the dog is submissive in his canine-human interactions. Owners can shape the dog’s dominant traits through consistent training that reduces disagreeable behavior.
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Tips on Dog Ownership

Working with and owning a dog is not something that should be undertaken lightly. When you choose to allow a dog into your life, you are agreeing to make a commitment to not only love and take care of the canine, but also to provide it with a disciplined lifestyle. The truth is that dogs need and even crave discipline, and if you’re unable or unwilling to provide discipline, you and your dog will both feel unhappy and unsatisfied with the relationship.
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Dog’s Are Not Humans

Whether you’re an experienced dog owner or a new owner interested in dog training in Toronto, there’s something you need to realize: dogs are not humans. Although dogs may come across as possessing rationality, emotion, and logic, they don’t. This isn’t to say that dogs and puppies are devoid of understanding and feeling, but they simply do not have the mental capability to process human thinking. Unfortunately, this often results in frustration for dog and puppy owners and even dog trainers.

The truth is, dogs and puppies can be conditioned, but they don’t understand the conditioning process as humans do. As Pavlov’s famous “dog experiment” shows, a dog can be made to salivate at the ring of a bell, even if food is not present. The dog does not understand why it does what it does, but it does it anyway. The dog is simply reacting to a stimulus presented before it; it knows nothing different. This means that training a puppy or a dog should not be carried out through an attempt at rationalizing as the dog does not comprehend the rational process.

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