It’s Competition Season!

It’s getting warmer and everyone is getting their dogs out to train for competitions!

If you are interested, please contact us for our Competition Obedience class. It’s a great way to bond with your dog and win some prizes!

If you, or your dog, love the limelight, ribbons and prizes, then this is for you!

Our dogs undergo training that is just as rigorous as the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). We get your dog ready to compete with the big dogs.

Our competitive training can occur in private one-on-one lessons. Additionally, our training is available in a friendly competitive group setting; it is the perfect opportunity for dogs to learn how to size up the competition.

The dogs that we train do not merely turn up their noses at the competition. For instance, through our tracking lessons, dogs will become accurate indoor and outdoor trackers that are adept at discriminating between many scents.

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  1. Lasiman says:

    Obedience classes are awylas good for you dog! Even if you think he doesn’t need it, you might learn things you didn’t know. Plus, you never know when a problem might appear later, and you could have prevent it with obedience class.If you want to walk with him off leash, you’re gonna have to work about when he get hyper with other dogs, or you’ll lose him when there’s another dog on the road. He might get difficult to call back.If your dog is already almost perfect, then obedience classes are gonna be a piece of cake! References :

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