Dog Ownership Considerations – Part 2

getting a dog

After Deciding to Get a Dog

Once you’ve figured out whether or not a dog will be right for you, and after you’ve determined the type of dog you would like to bring home, it’s time to find your new canine pal. Although this process may seem as simple as heading down to the local pet store, finding the right dog can actually be a difficult, involved process.

First, you need to decide where to actually look for your new dog. While pet stores and dog adoption agencies are a good option, they can also be a bit limited. Most pet stores or adoption agencies only have a small selection of dogs at any given time based on what they have received, and if you’re looking for a specific breed, you may end up searching at a number of shops or agencies before finding the one you’re looking for.

Another option, however, is to work directly with a professional breeder. These are experts who specialize in purebred dogs of various breeds, and they can often provide the best results. With that said, you need to choose a breeder carefully. All too often, so-called “breeding mills” will be used to churn out puppies quickly, and the dogs raised in and living in these facilities generally will receive poor treatment and nutrition. If you look for a breeder, you will want to find one that places an emphasis on providing proper care for all dogs involved in the process, from the bitches to the puppies. If you ever feel uneasy with a particular breeder, it’s best to move on. You might also consider contacting the authorities if you come across a breeder with unsafe or neglectful conditions.

Another factor in seeking out the right dog is the intangible bond you might feel. Many people report feeling a special connection with a particular dog, or they may experience a moment where they just know that they have found the dog that’s right for them. While this connection is not necessarily a prerequisite for bringing a dog into your life, it is something to think about.

Once you’ve found the perfect dog for you, you’ll need to ensure that it has received all of its shots and a complete, professional medical checkup. If this has not already been done by the person you receive your dog from, you will need to make an appointment with a qualified veterinarian as soon as possible. Dogs, and especially puppies, will need to receive vaccinations against a number of diseases, including rabies, in order to lead healthy lives. You should also discuss your dog’s diet with your veterinarian, especially if you have never owned a dog or puppy before.

By taking the time to consider all of the factors that go into finding the right dog, you and your new furry friend will be more likely to live happy lives together. If you find that you have more questions about seeking out or raising a dog, consider using the Internet as a resource. There are hundreds of forums available for dog owners online, and many members of these forums will be happy to provide you with helpful advice, recommendations and answers to your questions.

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